We, THE WORLD GROUP, offer “Innovative Car-purchasing System” and “The Vehicle Life of New era” literally mean “Innovative Car-purchasing System” and “The Vehicle Life of New ear.”

ANYONE Can Purchase

(No Voucher and Security fee needed)(No screening)

Drive Safely

(A dealer near you will take care of your car all over in Japan. All maintenance fee is on us)

Free for Changing Vehicles

(Type of vehicle is changeable anytime)

No Risks

(Not related to Any Loan firms. Cancellation is accepted anytime regarding to our original system)

Voluntary Insurance is accepted

(Subscribing voluntary insurance is possible)

No Interest or Commission

(No interest or commission is needed)

No Auto tax

(No vehicle tax is charged)

No Motor-vehicle inspection free

(No fee is charged for Motor-vehicle inspection)

Free Supplies

(Free replacement of consumable supplies during the contract. Ex: EO, tire, battery and light bulb… )

Convenient for Business

(Cheaper maintenance fee is guaranteed)

Searching for Your Car

(We can prepare a special car that you are specifically looking for)

No Troubles

(All vehicles come with insurance, no trouble occurs in case of breakdown)

Limitation for Your Responsibility

(You can set your responsibility by yourself depending on the deposit. Our original secured system.)

※ We indicate the amount monthly. Depend on type of vehicle, the deposit will change.
Please feel free to ask any questions that you would like to know.