New Items★Aircraft!


Last new items of this year! Fascinating Citation CJ4 will promiss you luxurious trip in the sky!

New Items★Others!


From Original Water Color from 1920s to super rare fighting knife Navaja, Antiques are now available on our others page!
Please check them out!

New Items★Helicopter and Militaria!


We offer verygood price for  rare military items from pre-WW1!
Why don’t you add another valuable item for your beautiful collection?

Official website for our cafe&bar 『club house FREEDOM』 is relaunched!


Please check out official website for our new cafe&bar “club house FREEDOM”!!


“club house FREEDOM”


New Items★Super Cars!


Ferrari, of course! How about Classic Rolls Royce?

“Classic” Rolls Royce and Bentley are still Super Cars to us!

Pleae check out our new stylish “Super Cars”!!


New Items★Aircraft and Motorcycle!


Please check out our new items!

From king Air to Citation, various aircrafts are available just for you!

New Items★ Classic Cars!


Rare Crosley, Duesenberg, Curtiss, and so on!

Please check out Classic Cars page!

New Cafe & Bar Now Open!


★Our new Cafe & Bar “club house FREEDOM” now open in Kokubu!★

Please enjoy our great location that overlooks the bay and Sakurajima, delicious food and our signature cocktails!

NEW OPEN!! Show space of cars has been expanded


Recently we expanded our show  space of cars.

Always with more than 100 number of cars ,

we hope we can respond all of our customers’ demand.

We love to have you come our new show space!

New style CAFE & BAR set to open!


Always “delicious”,  Everybody “joyful”!

The World Group’s producing new style cafe&bar, club house “FREEDOM” is set  to open soon.

From a variety of lunch sets with reasonable price to excellent cocktails and drinks at night time.

Also equipped with private rooms, theater room and relax room in spacious interior.

Music lives, spectating big games on big screen and other exciting party events are planned.

Friends or couples, needless to say, even if alone, EVERYBODY  happy and enjoyable here.

Most pleasant place to eat, drink and play;  club house “FREEDOM”.

Please look forward it!!